Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Disco Dies, Ribbid Rocks

And... as the 51 weeks are over, I am ready to croak once more at:

I am indebted to Chi for putting my official name at ISB on records... here. I won't be Disco again! Good riddance, I say (naah...)

Not much did I have to say on the last day at ISB to the numerous people I met, half of whose next destination in life, I don't remember... 'Have a good life, dude/girl' became my chosen wish. It started off as an affected smile that warmed up automatically as to more and people I wished the same. Before that, on the convocation day, I did not feel small and worthless, I did not feel like an also-ran, because I had everything that is positive in my life now turn up at the ceremony unannounced! And after a failed lunch and a successful meeting with mom and dad, all went just perfectly.

After having stood by as few dearest friends left the campus, and waving many others final good-byes, it was time for me to leave at around 9 in the night. I went to the library to take a couple of tickets printouts. There was no one there. I came back through the rec-centre and SV2, there was absolutely no one there. At the SV1 J block, I went to a couple of quads looking for someone to ask for some milk. Not a single soul... each room was left open with class-notes strewn on the floor and the sheets folded and stowed in the empty cupboards. I came back to my room, brought down the seven pieces of luggage that "how-skipping" helped me lug... and left.

Back at Ribbid Rock, not much blood and honey would be seen again... there would be sensible writing of a sensible life, that has managed, if nothing more.