Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shun Soft Stuff

Tushar Gupta joined Deutsche Bank from ISB in 2005. He has worked there for a year now as a Trading Associate (or some post to that effect). He was from IIT Delhi and Capital One. Ranked 4th in ISB, did a good ELP on Volatility trading with ICICI. Smart guy... He's a success. He is not a geek.

Still, while at ISB he mostly opted out the softer side of life here (in which I also include "power networking"). Is there a point I see there? A lesson? What am I here for? And what is my calling? Calling... hmm that odd word again. Call me. I should be a rock otherwise, maybe even an island.

Going to Bangalore this term break to reignite a few friendships, all failing due to my negligence.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wanna ride

It set my pulse racing. Yes, it sure did. To have a Harley, a whole Harley! The three little Harley original parts that Sm gifted me long ago shout out, 'Complete us!'. If this comes true, I ain't going to hesitate in burdening myself with another big loan to get one of them - the definite male Pulsar is a far cry from those mean strong bitches.
The article takes forever to download.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Money Flies

The velocity of money is defined as the ratio of the Nominal GDP to the liquid Money (M1) in circulation, or alternatively as the fraction of total GDP transactions each Rupee can facilitate. Wonderful... it brought back a forgotten memory.  I used to sometimes scribble tiny initials on the rupee notes I paid the sabjiwala when I went veggie shopping for mom (long ago when I was a kid of 10 playing in the compounds of Golden-Silver Apartments in Baroda). My hope was someday I would see one of those notes again. I don't remember if I picked the habit from someone or when I grew out of it. If you ever see one with SKP scribbled over the Mahatma watermark, you know it was mine.
National Savings go into Investments (may also increase Current Account surplus in open economies). Increased savings induces capital investments, and thereby improves the National Productivity (TFP)... eventually affecting the GDP growth rate benfecially. Well, I remember dad repeating ad nauseam 'money saved is money earned' to us kids, overspending on everything from school recesses to my new house in Bangalore, which has been almost-ready-to-occupy for the last 6 months. These builders I tell you ...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

View Whew

If I had to have a view on every event of the world, I would have it gladly, but to tear apart this bubble microcosm I am floating in, to display a perspective on each rough facet would have been asking too much! I don't have any... I won't have any. I would fake one if I have to, but I won't be at peace if I did so. Well, what a relief that I don't need to!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fallow fellow follows

I refuse to follow now
Refuse to be an afterthought
Come, rise my fallen Ego
Defeated, but you're dead not
Come, seek what you deserve
Come, redeem what you gave up
Yes, you can. No, you will.
Lead, you have served enough.