Monday, March 26, 2007

Lose Loose Ends

Times are positive, so am I
Lose the prim exterior, why?
When life beckons yet bids adieu
What stays behind is me and you
I lose a garment, gain a new
Now I own a looser toga too
Entertain several, preach to few
Clown and friend are purposes two
The party has ended, I've loved it all
The kids are gone, feeling small
The elders gather round, stand tall
Hush-a Bush-a, we'll meet next fall!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What better than this?

The Australian formula 1 race is over, and the best that McLaren/Kimi fans could have had was on the rostrum. A good dream to dream now would be to have McLaren win the constructors and Kimi win the drivers championship this season, what say?

The new kid on the block, Lewis Hamilton, 22, is sure going to bring Britain some good name that Button, though being a good driver could not, given the state the slower Hondas have been. This is how one should his F1 career... captivating, fabulous. Read how... Renault without its star, Alonso, having switched to McLaren seemed uneventful. Can Fisichella do magic without him?

Also, the new regulations about the single-supplier and two types of tyres (faster Soft, and sturdier Medium) that both need be compulsorily used through the sessions, would even out the playing field good bit. Remember Indianapolis, where all but 3 teams withdrew after Michelin issued a warning against a chicane and our Karthikeyan missed the only chance he will ever get to reach the rostrum?

Looking forward to Malaysia, where I could have been the last season... and this season too. But won't be.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


As the F1 season starts once again in Australia tomorrow, Kimi seems to be on top of things with Ferrari! Remember how McLaren and Kimi fans were confused on who to side with after last year-end Schumi hung his helmet and Kimi changed over to the red one. We, who were stock booers for of Ferrari and Schumi too (given his predatory nature as against our gentleman), found ourselves in a strange place. Do we stick to McLaren and cheer Alonso (who totally deserves every) or do we shift our loyalties to Ferrari?
I, for one, decide to follow the man and not the machine. Red is good for me this season. And Kimi, I want the championship from you in lieu of my parting with McLaren. Go Raikkonen!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Aadi Ant Aarambh - Onward Five

ISB turned five this year. We are the fifth batch of future leaders. We would soon target the five hundred graduates mark in a couple of years. We were five musicians on stage that night, doing a couple of indipop numbers to both our and the crowd's delight.

The five year celebration was definitely organized very efficiently. More importantly, though, the five years of ISB has been very nicely coordinated and executed. I had met a 2002, first batch, alum a week ago. An IPS officer, who went to sales and marketing after ISB, and now is back to serving the nation. He recounted the difficulties that the first batch had... bringing the professors, recruiters and also the next batch of students in. Still, there was never a problem with the facilities, the schedules, the stay, the life, the food (ok, i take back the last one - Sarovar, listening?). Even as the excellence was being aspired to, the organization had been perfected since the beginning.

The five year celebration coincided with the ISB Leadership Summit. Nuff has been written about it elsewhere. here. In spite of the fast pace of ISB, we still managed to come together and setup a slew of performances that evening of the 5th year celebration. A fashion show, two band performances, three skits, many singles and duets and the grand launch of the ISB Radio. What I will remember also was that the little kid, Tanmay was a hero on stage that evening. Video here soon...