Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Herd's on the Street

As the big army comes together to attack the Deutche castle, knowing full well that, like in that old Sardarji/Blonde joke only one in a million will succeed, I know what is affecting me. What S told me to stay away from. Really, when you have no clue what you want, it's quite easy to know what you want... just ask around! I start with zero passion for anything and within days I am gunning for it too. It works... like a charm.

The herd is on the street, and it has a mind of its own.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Day dream night

जागती पलकों पे देखा, सुख स्वपन उस रात मैं
भोर फैली थी नगर में, क्षण हर एक सौगातमय।
तेज ना थी धूप ना सर्द, ओस सूखे को थी व्याकुल
दूभ पर औंधा पडा मैं, सुमिरन किये कल रात के।

I day dreamt that night, that in the warm next morning, lying on the grass which the dew was almost ready to leave, I was dreaming about that night.

कल रात जब तन्हाँ था मै, लम्हे भर को यूँ लगा,
कि दिल ने मेरे ज़ुबाँ पा ली और शिकायताना ये कहा
रहमत तुम वो नहीं रहे जो एक अरस पहले होते थे।
कहा, सुन दिल॑-ए-फरियादी तु भी तो अब वो न रहा।

For a moment there in the dark of yesterday night, the heart found a voice and raised it high saying ' Rahmat, you've changed from the one you were a year ago '. Well, you're not the same either now, complaining heart, are you?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Learning, my foot!

An excerpt from a case study in Strategic IT ...

"Learning Organizations are able to capture, share and take action on information better and faster than competition. A learning organization isn't top-down and it isn't bottom-up. It works side to side. It's an organization that gobbles up information and experiences like a sponge and shares learnings throughout the enterprise in minutes, hours and days rather than weeks, months and years".

"Let's learn Strategic IT, people!", the Prof would thunder in his baritone if he were invited to an ISB party like Prof. Bhagwan was, "Let's not jump up and down. Let's groove side to side... yeah, yeah, that's the way you create Value!"

Sunday, October 15, 2006


It's not easy to make a striking CV. Well, actually it is... if all you want it to do is to stand out, and not stay in the 'selected' pile. I put in "Created three analytical tools and productivity package, now used across Cisco" and realized soon that a) I had boasted beyond the Conscience tipping point b) using the word analytical doesn't imply I'm good Fin material. Then, I spent five minutes juggling with the same 15-20 words to come up with the right striking sentence, and as I am on the verge of giving up, words take on a life of their own

Created three analytical tools and productivity packages
Produced three creative, analytical tools and packages
Packaged three productivity tools rich in analytical creativity
Analyzed three creative tools and produced packages
Tooled three analytical packages that improved crativity and productivity

... had a threesome with Creativity and Productivity as Analysis watched on.

Time to move to the next sentence "Responsible for resource planning & scheduling besides Test and Automation of 6 individual feature areas".  It is beyond important to get the CV right; it is essential. I'm going to spend the next 5 minutes thinking of beautiful thoughts involving chocolate sauce and then... resume.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Barodian Cobbler - The Alchemist

This is not a Dh'esque entry on socialism, equality and egalitarianism and all that jazz.

With term 4, the core-term courses came to and end which means we are now on supposed to craft our way to graduation ourselves. No more hand holding by the ASA on what we should study. Thrilled, I should have been, but I wasn't. Reason? There was this all important course called Options and Futures that slipped out of my hand in spite of the 600 points bid. Talked to people at ISB, and received heartening gestures from many. Then talked to As, and she said 'It's just a course, isn't it?' and I said to myself and her 'Oh yes, by God it is just a course'. Sometimes it helps to take an external opinion. The outsider is likely not to bring any fresh perspective; all he'll do is clear your mind and make your decision easier.

In Coelho's 'The Alchemist', Santiago, the shepherd hero saw a dream about the Pyramids and some treasure twice, met a king who faffed "When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to make you achieve it" and took away a tenth of his flock for that. Well, actually the king confessed that all he did was to help the boy make his own decision, but that was substantial enough a deed to deserve 6 sheep.

The book, by the way, is a good read. I am at home right now for Diwali (cause I can't be home for Diwali). I asked dad what is the best place to get my smart leather shoes fixed, so that they could serve me at least till placement season. They've lasted the LDP sessions well. There is a cobbler who's been at the same junction of the Golden-Silver Apartments at New Ellora Park in Baroda for the last 22 years. Dad has kind of patronaged him. This cobbler must have fixed my very first school shoes too. I am not nostalgic. I just connect him to the crystal shop owner in The Alchemist, who dreamt of going to Haj but never did go, cause he thought once he had realized his dream, there would be no reason for him to live. The crystal business was certainly not where his heart was but he drudged on doing it to save money for the Haj he was dreaming of but was never planning for. I know there is nothing fantastic about the cobbler; still... if I were a writer and would have attempted a book, this Cobbler would have been in it.