Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rukh Kis Taraf

At my surprise birthday party, all wanted some serious stuff, and I was blank... these lines came later in the night.

इस कदर के हुस्न पर, हो फना रहमत कभी
रूह को जन्नत नसीब, तन जले इस चाह में।
होगी बेहतर मौत मुझको बेबसी की जिंद से
खाख होगा दिल मगर, ख्वाब होंगे अब्र पे॥

(Rahmat can give up his life on this beauty, better ayhow than keeping a life of want and despair. Even as the pyre burns my body, heaven will be assured for the soul and the clouds for my dreams)

बेवजह रहता परेशाँ, बेवजह की आस में
बाट जोहे उनकी जो हैं बेपरस्त इस राह से।
आ चुकीं हैं फिर बहारेँ, आँख मूँदें क्यूँ रहें
एक ख्वाब है नुमायाँ, बेहतर है क्या हकीकतें॥

(Pointless is the worry, and the wait for the one who will never come by. It is spring only if you open your eyes. Is there a better reality than the advertised dream.)

Thanks guys for the nice party... for making me feel good about myself!


i think you will guess who i am... said...

Couplets are simply beautiful...after a long time something touched so deeply, i guess there are some beauties which can only be experienced in times of melancholy and despair..I guess, if you are happy,you are normal but if you are sad,you are privileged! See gave you one more reason to be hapy in midst of sadness...what say?

Ramlal said...

Your writing is a mysterious blend of what it means and what you say.
Nonetheless I am intrigued and will visit again. Good going Sumit.

chiranth said...

you're welcome :-)

should have another party sometime soon.