Monday, January 15, 2007

Winning over watching over me

It is not easy and it was not easy in the beginning. The stupid little black kitten kept jumping around smiling, grinning, giggling, laughing her guts out, and always managing to stay just out of reach. Seemed like a wild goose chase, only difference I wasn't even sure I was the hunter, and before long I was out of that jungle and into another one - ISB. Later that year, I tested waters and found it freezing cold. Then one day, the geyser switched on suddenly and the cat jumped in and started splashing around with the tiny toys in the bathtub. The water is health-spring lukewarm now, and it feels good that as I watch over someone, someone's watching over me.
Blah... it's impossible to encode bare facts. I am sure even a Christ College grad can figure this one out.
In other news, placements are on. Have BCG in the kitty besides having the kitten in the kitty. Life is coming back to life.

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