Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hello World,
I want an answer. I am not okay with Forty-two.
1) The Trinity Gods just looked at one line of the CV and selected me, while all others (8 thus far) looked at the whole thing and found me wanting in calibre in addition to wanting the job. i.e. my CV was the letdown.
2) The Fins thought I am IT, the tier-II Consults thought I am straddling between finance and telecom, the Medias would think I am nowhere.
3) Career switching is not possible or easy, and Cisco is my life savior... for now at least.
My head is 'eating circles' with What-if questions now. And it's just the beginning. I cant complain, I agree.

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Anonymous said...

happy valetine's day!!! n good wishes for your next endeavor!!!