Sunday, March 18, 2007

What better than this?

The Australian formula 1 race is over, and the best that McLaren/Kimi fans could have had was on the rostrum. A good dream to dream now would be to have McLaren win the constructors and Kimi win the drivers championship this season, what say?

The new kid on the block, Lewis Hamilton, 22, is sure going to bring Britain some good name that Button, though being a good driver could not, given the state the slower Hondas have been. This is how one should his F1 career... captivating, fabulous. Read how... Renault without its star, Alonso, having switched to McLaren seemed uneventful. Can Fisichella do magic without him?

Also, the new regulations about the single-supplier and two types of tyres (faster Soft, and sturdier Medium) that both need be compulsorily used through the sessions, would even out the playing field good bit. Remember Indianapolis, where all but 3 teams withdrew after Michelin issued a warning against a chicane and our Karthikeyan missed the only chance he will ever get to reach the rostrum?

Looking forward to Malaysia, where I could have been the last season... and this season too. But won't be.


K said...

tu F1 ke liye itna enthu thha pata nahin thha!!!

Swapnil Nadkar said...

agree with K...and how / why would you have been in Malaysia last year and this year as well?

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